S1 Plus at Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival
(HKCCF 2023)


The Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival (HKCCF) is an annual event that showcases the latest advancements in technology, including computers, smartphones, and communication devices. In 2023, SPECTRA Merchant Services introduced the S1 Plus, a cutting-edge smart POS system, at the HKCCF, demonstrating its capabilities and innovative features to industry professionals and technology enthusiasts.


The primary objective of showcasing the S1 Plus at the HKCCF was to highlight its advanced functionalities and position it as a game-changing solution in the smart POS market. The S1 Plus aimed to impress attendees with its all-in-one design, flexible payment options, and user-friendly interface, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize the payment landscape.


SPECTRA Merchant Services set up an interactive booth at the HKCCF, featuring a dedicated area to showcase the S1 Plus. The booth was designed to provide attendees with a hands-on experience, allowing them to explore the features and functionalities of the S1 Plus.

During the event, SPECTRA representatives were present at the booth to engage with attendees, answer questions, and provide live demonstrations of the S1 Plus. They highlighted key features, including its acceptance of various payment methods such as EMV-based contact, contactless, and QR code payments. Additionally, they showcased the device’s fast and lightweight printer, which added convenience and reliability to the smart POS system.

The booth also featured informative displays, product brochures, and downloadable leaflets to provide attendees with detailed information about the S1 Plus. SPECTRA representatives actively engaged with visitors, highlighting the benefits of the S1 Plus in various scenarios, such as retail, hospitality, and small businesses.


The presence of the S1 Plus at the HKCCF garnered significant attention from industry professionals, technology enthusiasts, and potential customers. The interactive booth allowed attendees to experience the device first-hand, leading to heightened interest and positive feedback.

One notable aspect of the S1 Plus’s success at the HKCCF was the high adoption rate among exhibitors. A considerable number of exhibitors at the event chose to utilize the S1 Plus for their payment transactions. They reported smooth and seamless payment experiences, attesting to the reliability and efficiency of the S1 Plus in real-world scenarios.

The live demonstrations and informative displays effectively conveyed the S1 Plus’s value proposition, generating awareness and interest among attendees. Many visitors expressed their intention to explore the S1 Plus further and consider its adoption for their own businesses, inspired by the positive experiences shared by exhibitors.

Overall, the S1 Plus’s presence at the HKCCF was a resounding success. It solidified its position as a leading smart POS system, capable of transforming payment experiences across various industries. The event served as a platform to showcase its innovative features and advantages, establishing SPECTRA Merchant Services as a key player in the payment technology market.