CREON POS Terminal


POS Terminal

CREON Portable POS Terminal

CREON meet your Needs

CREON offers more flexible options to meet different needs of merchants. Especially suitable for PIN base transaction such as using debit card payment and smart card that require the customer to enter a personal identification number in order to completed the transaction. Detachable from the docking, the handset, besides working as the transaction terminal, also acts as a PINPAD for customer to enter the PIN, customer enjoy significantly higher level of personal security. It is approved with EMV Level 1 and 2 certifications and passed PCI PTS V4.0.

“All-in-One” Design Concept

CREON is a compact, economical but powerful payment device. Casting with the outstanding features and innovative design. You can choose the MMC/SD/PSRAM option to further expand the memory capacity to cater for more applications; use high-speed modem (up to 56K) or Ethernet (TCP/IP) for faster communications. Besides, CREON is small in size and realizes the ‘All-in-One’ design concept. With its large memory capacity, it can handle various electronic payment transactions like credit card, debit card, EMV, loyalty, gift-card, installment and small-purchase etc. in a single terminal.

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