provides an innovative, leading edge SoftPOS White Label Solution with a low-cost standard package available.

Its ready to use, fast to board software-based PIN entry function and quick time to market capabilities makes it your best white label solution.

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Why SPECTRA SoftPOS Solution?

  • Streamlined, app-to-app integration
  • Tap to phone partnerships with Visa and Mastercard
  • PCI-DSS CPoC Certified, end-to-end PCI and card-scheme-certified total solution
  • Solid experience in traditional ISO8583 card-present host message connectivity
  • 100% digital and secure
  • No extra hardware is required
  • No maintenance and repair service fee
  • Accepts all contactless payment devices such as cards, smartphones, wearables with NFC

PCI-DSS CPoC Certified Total Solution

Fast boarding

Branding flexibility

Full support of Level 3 application development and host integration

Support software-based PIN entry function

Accepts Popular Payment Methods

Your Ready-to-Use SoftPOS Solution

Use Cases & Scenarios



Restaurant & Bar

Pop-up store / Weekend market

Ticketing and public transport

Roadside parking


At-home personal

Line busting

Offline to online