Discover how APOLLO & MARS help retailers streamline the operation flow & saving costs

Discover how APOLLO & MARS help retailers streamline the operation flow & saving costs
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Challenges from Retailers

Bill reconciliation

  • Wide range of payments
  • Different reconciliation times, methods & report formats
  • Inefficient, high operation costs and work burdens to the back office
Electronic signature and receipt storage & handling
  • Customers in checkout lines have to wait for their printed out receipt and return the signed receipt to the cashier
  • Retailers need to handle and store the receipts
  • Time consuming to handle receipt retrieval and there may be a risk of charge back loss


Smart Payment Terminal APOLLO X Backend Merchant & Acquirer Revenue System ( MARS )

In store (frontline)
Smart Payment Terminal APOLLO

  • Credit card payments & all alternative payments
  • Electronic signature capture
  • e-receipt 
  • Transaction summaries 
  • Apps integration

Merchant & Acquirer Revenue System ( MARS )


Omnichannel payment details at a glance
(view transactions, filtering, detail reports)
Wide range of value added commercial apps for selection


Realtime terminal monitoring
Remote terminal configuration updates

Key Benefits

  • Improved efficiencies
  • Manual receipt storage processing eliminated
  • Speeds up bill reconciliation and accuracy guaranteed
  • Secure receipts storage in cloud-based platform
  • Value added and insight reports for business forecast
  • Chargeback cost reduced
  • Customer satisfaction greatly enhanced as e-signature speeds up the payment process
  • Increase customer loyalty

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