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Coming after France, Apple Pay is finally landed in Hong Kong on 20th July 2016, and SPECTRA Technologies is the first POS vendor to provide payment solution supporting Apple Pay in Hong Kong. SPECTRA SR300, one of our signature products, is also the first contactless reader in Hong Kong that capable with Apple Pay NFC function.


At present, there are more than ten thousands retail locations using SPECTRA SR300 to accept contactless payment including but not limit to 7-Eleven, Colourmix, Genki Sushi Hong Kong, KFC, Lane Crawford, Mannings, Sasa, Senryo, Pacific Coffee, Pizza Hut, UNY, U Select, VanGo, Vanguard and etc.


In fact, we had geared up Apple Pay function on 1500 SPECTRA SR300 contactless readers on the first day of Apple Pay launched in Hong Kong.


Obviously, our SR300 contactless reader is a presentable device that widely using in retail industry. Thus, due to the high coverage and readiness of SPECTRA SR300, it implies that more merchants are available to join Apple Pay in the foreseeable future.


Moreover, with years of diligence, Spectra Technologies is not only focusing on products but also service. We will ensure the best quality of service can be delivered to our customers including almost all acquiring banks and their associated merchants in Hong Kong. Our reliable products and outstanding service gives their customers confidence to accept new challenge; Apply Pay launching in Hong Kong is an good example to demonstrate how our customers believe in Spectra Technologies, and it is also explain why most of our merchants consider SPECTRA SR300 contactless reader as the first option to accept Apple Pay.