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Product description


PR608 is a powerful POS terminal with ARM9 32-bit processor, larger memory and high speed modem which provides faster transaction and allows enhancement for value added multi-application in the future. With PCI PED and EMV approvals, PR608 is a highly secure, PIN-enabled “hand-over” device complete with an integrated, precise and fast impact printer.
With its ergonomic design, large graphical display, PR608 is ideally designed for countertop transactions and supports various applications such as credit card, debit card, magnetic card, EMV chip card, loyalty, installment, small purchase, and promotional messages in one terminal.

Features Highlight
High speed and secure 32 bit ARM 9 CPU
User-friendly design with wide keys for easy PIN entry
Easy and convenient to use accompany with large LCD graphic display
Accept both magnetic card and EMV chip card transactions
Secure and reliable with PCI PED, EMV certified
Versatile communication interface with options of RS232 and USB
Communication options includes dial and Ethernet LAN which fits merchant’s needs
Supports voice and music synthesizer with built-in speaker
Secure design with multiple tamper detectors and software temper detection

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