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We position major in between acquirers and merchant (i.e. acquiring bank or payment processor that processes credit or debit card payments on behalf of a merchant) to provide high quality services and total POS system solutions, including:

POS terminals will maintain service on the same day POS terminal or equipment installation and maintenance service
Software acceptance certification service ECR Integration
Provide group training and provide on-call services for the exhibition, such as Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival Support all night service. For example, the update in the POS terminal system of Jusco Store to the brand name Aeon (Hong Kong) Department Store Co. Ltd.

We are able to help merchants or acquirers to develop All-in-One software for payment solutions and coordinate or supervise installations.

We also provide customized software solution services to our client, for example:

– Hang Seng Bank Cash Dollars

– BOC Loyalty

– DBS Compass Loyalty

– Instalment Program

– HSBC Redemption Program

– Debit Card Cashback or Credit Card Cash Advance Program

– Octopus Project

– Car Park Payment Solutions

– Private Label Card Program (E.g. SOGO cobrand Card, City Super Card and LaneCrawford Card)